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New Head Shots.

Back in August, I resigned from a company where I had spent the last 10 years of my career. I had accepted a position at a new was a great career move. A scary move, but still a great move. Needless to say, it had been a while since I had taken any professional head shots. It turns out that I needed some to use at my new company, so I went to my favorite online store to find a deal: Groupon! I purchased a package from Andrew Morales, owner of Life in Reverie. The day of my photo shoot, I got all dolled up (courtesy of my makeup artist sister), and headed to his studio. Andrew was fantastic! A complete professional. We got a number of indoor and outdoor shots, and I knew immediately that it would be difficult to pick just three photos from the lot. In the end, I was so happy with the results. Andrew provided me with all of the proofs, and I had to pick the three photos I liked the best. And it was so hard to do! I decided on three, and shortly thereafter, Andrew provided me with the final electronic copies. So, to all of you who have complimented my new pictures (and to those of you looking to take new head shots), I whole-heartedly recommend Andrew Morales at Life in Reverie ( He is an amazing photographer and an easy communicator...perfect for a busy professional. Check him out!

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