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A Burger...Wrapped in Collard Greens?

As I mentioned some time ago, I have been on a Ketogenic diet for about a year. And I love it! I have successfully loss 30 pounds, and I have managed to keep it off. Now, I do not claim to have been carb-free for a year, but I am at the point where I make smart choices regarding my carb intake. So imagine my delight when I rolled into Bareburger (Downtown Brooklyn), and I saw on the menu a burger wrapped in collard greens...I chuckled...and then said "what?" out loud! I knew right then and there that I was getting one! I asked the waiter what he thought about the collard-wrapped burger, and he said it was pretty good. So I ordered it, and added cheese, brisket, and homemade sweet pickles, and it was so good! Really, really good! Bareburger's beef patties are made with organic brisket, chuck, and short rib, a combination that made for a lean, yet juicy, burger. My collard bun was lightly steamed and a little crunchy, but firm enough to support the huge burger. Add the brisket, the cheese, and the pickle, and I was in heaven!

A soon as I got home I did a little research on Bareburger. Check out their mission statement:

  • We believe that love, service, and organic & all-natural food should fill our restaurants.

  • We believe in foods we can pronounce, no funny business here.

  • We know that fresh, vibrant, clean food served in a fun place can make the world smile.

  • We came together to make food that we can proudly serve to our communities, our friends and our families.

Guess what...I'm here for all of this! And the restaurant, via the food and the people, clearly displayed and embraced this mission. All of this being said, I fully urge you to check out Bareburger (I went to the location on Court Street), and give the Collard-Wrapped burger a try. Not only was I full and satisfied, but this burger was perfect for my low-carb diet. Tens across the board!!!

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