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Ice Cream Made In Brooklyn.

I am so over winter! We have been having some of the raggediest weather in New York City this winter, and I am eagerly awaiting Spring. Luckily, the weather over the past week or so hasn't been so bad, and the temps have remained in a respectable range. Yesterday was a pretty nice day, so I decided to take Mini Me to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Once we were done museuming (yes, I made that up!), I checked in with my good friend Google to find a nearby ice cream shop. Google suggested the Ample Hills Creamery on Vanderbilt we went!

Ample Hills is a really cute ice cream shop; great seating and a welcoming ambiance. It is a nice spot for children and adults to come together for ice cream and fun. Like I said, it is real cute! But is the ice cream good? My answer: absolutely! Ample Hills has a wide variety of unique and playful ice cream flavors that are appealing to all ages. According to Ample Hills' website, they use "hormone free milk and cream from grass fed cows and organic cane sugar." This makes the mommy in me feel fantastic about bringing my daughter here! Additionally, the ice cream is delicious! Yesterday I had the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake (vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed butter cake), and Mini Me chose the Sweet Cream and Cookies (think cookies and cream ice cream with really good cream). Both flavors were fresh and satisfying. So satisfying that we went back today for more! While Mini Me had her heart set on her previous selection, I decided to try the Raw Deal (vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes and brown butter cookie dough) good!

Case and point, check out Ample Hills Creamery! There are several location in Brooklyn and Manhattan, so check out their website to pick the one closest to you. Definitely worth the drive!

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