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Arepas in Brooklyn.

One of the great things about living in Brooklyn is there are so many restaurants in any given neighborhood. Many of them are within walking distance, and there are so many different varieties of food to try. A few months ago I started seeing "coming soon"signs for Guacuco in my neighborhood. Of course I went to my good friend Google to see what Guanaco was all about, and I learned that it was and Arepera which two other locations in Brooklyn. What is an Arepera you ask (because I asked!)? It is a place that serves...arepas! Guacuco is a Venezuelan restaurant that serves arepas, empanadas, juices, and drinks (of the alcohol persuasion!). When the restaurant opened last month, I knew I had to try it. Tonight was the night!

I walked around the corner to Guacuco, and I felt at home. I was greeted by the most pleasant bartender/waiter who pointed me to the bar and handed me a menu. Now, I was not completely knowledgeable on arepas or other Venezuelan cuisine, but the waiter helped me sought through the menu. Since I am on a low-carb diet, I decided to order Pernil Arepas (minus the arepa), pulled pork shoulder with cheddar cheese. I know it sounds crazy to hold the arepa in an arepera, but I replaced it with sweet plantains, which was more than perfect.

The verdict: I loved it! The pork was the flavorful and tender, and it paired well with the plantain and cheese. It was a perfect, quick bite. And to make matters better, the service was great and company from the other patrons was most welcomed. I will definitely return to Guacuco for lunch, dinner, or drinks with my girls...did I mention they have a full bar and serve sangria and wine?

If you're hanging out in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, check out Guacuco, 360 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

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