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Lunch...With a Touch of Middle-Eastern Flavors.

I was trolling around Instagram yesterday and came across a glowing review of Golda Kitchen, a Brooklyn restaurant that serves "New-American breakfast and lunch fare with a touch of middle-eastern flavors." Naturally, I journeyed over to Golda's Instagram page...instant mouth watering! I then scooted over to my good friend Google, and learned that Golda was about a mile away from my house. So I planned to go to Golda for lunch today...and I'm glad I did! The food was so damn good! On the recommendation of the lovely gentleman at the counter, I ordered the Charred Broccoli Rabe and Zhug (sweet potato and fig tzimmes, pumpkin seeds, and pecorino), and the Beef Bacon-Wrapped Dates. And of course I had a big cup of coffee. Everything was amazing! The sweet and savory combination of bacon and dates was heaven, and the broccoli rabe dish was equally as delicious. So many different flavors that all seemed to work perfectly together. And I washed it down with a strong cup of was the perfect lunch. On my way out, I couldn't help but to grab a little pastry...judge me! Anyways, my trip to Golda was great, and the service was excellent. Since it's so close by, I definitely plan to return. Check them out! Golda Kitchen, 504 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn,NY 11238. Toodles!

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