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Halloween Foolishness.

There's this guy I know...met him years ago when he was attending Morehouse College and I was across the way attending Spelman College. We instantly clicked, and have been friends since 2001 (please refrain from calculating our respective ages...but he's older!). We've seen each other through law school and medical school, and now that we have settled into our careers, we play! He lives in Chicago, and I'm in New York City, but we see each other whenever we can so that we can paint whichever city we land in with a fresh coat of foolishness. So when he told me that he would be in New York City for Halloween this year, we knew that we had to meet up with our most coordinated costumes so that we can galavant around New York City in style...and we did! Cheers to my good friend...until our next meet up!

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